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Mr. Business Owner
What keeps you awake at night?

From the desk of John Deck

Dear Business Owner / Entrepreneur

What issue did you deal with today?

New taxes and government regulation
Communicating with your staff
Improving customer relations
Finding time to grow new business
Not enough time for marketing
The "R" word the media keeps throwing around
And the list goes on!

Now discover proven online strategies that can recession proof your business and grow revenue.

How would you like to:

Bring more value and trust to your customers
Communicate more often and at a lower cost
Deal more easily with customer issues
Better communicate with employees
Marketing that magnetically attracts customers
Grows more business opportunities
Increase growth and profits
Make the web work for you!

I've learned as much about Internet marketing from a one-hour consult with John Deck as I have in five-figure marketing courses from so-called marketing "gurus."

John gives you no-nonsense, easy-to-follow battle plans that will ramp up your search engine rankings, sales conversions and e-mail sign ups fast.

If you want to get on the fast track to a successful online presence, John Deck's your man.
Doug Fogol, VP Healthmeisters Publishing Co., Inc.

    Did you know that 70% of U.S. households now use the internet for information when shopping for local products and services? And the use of yellow-page directories continues to drop.

    Would you run a business without a telephone? Without a presence on the web you just as well have an unlisted phone.

    I know, you have a web site. It cost thousands of dollars and has not done a thing to bring in more business. The fact that the site sucks is not your fault.

    You probably had a pretty good web designer lay out your site. The problem with web designers is well ... they are designers. Few have been trained or even exposed to proven business strategies and techniques that can send boat loads of customers to your business.

Since John took over managing our ppc campaign, traffic for our targeted audience is up substantially.

Also, average page views has about doubled and time on site is up over 400%.

His SEO advice and analysis has been a big assistance in our internet marketing programs.

Stephen Martin, VP Sales & Marketing, Quadros Systems Inc.

Discover how to:

Get Google to list your business in local searches
Use Google AdWords to capture local search traffic
3 Types of Opt-in forms to grow your customer base
Blogs for communicating with customers and staff
3 different methods of generating free web traffic
Provide free reports to build credibility and trust
Drive offline traffic to solution specific web pages
Capture interest with article marketing
And Much Much More!

    Want to discover the 11 common mistakes offline businesses make with their web site? And the revenue and customers these mistakes lose every day. 

Discover 11 Common Mistakes that Lose Revenue and Customers Everyday
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To your success,


John R. Deck

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"Online Strategies for Offline Businesses.
How to recession proof your business"

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