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Power of a Press Release

Press releases are a powerful tool for many aspects of your marketing campaign, and are surprising little used, or poorly used by most companies. Links from a press release to the web site page improves a sites organic ranking for search engine results. Use of keyword and semantic phases strengthen a press releases message and impact, and its likelihood of being picked by news and information portals. Distribution through wire service and internet news service from Yahoo, Google and others significantly extends a press release reach over wire service only distribution. Many no longer look to the wire service for news, but rely on internet news sources where they can set alerts for areas of interest.

One year after the Blunk Microsystems press release was published, it still had 214 good quality search results on Google. Actually more, since Google does not list all indexed references.

Blunk Microsystems sells software components and tools to embedded systems developers. A small niche within the technology sector.

Google results one year later 
What made the press release so successful?

  1. The content from the title to body text benefited from keyword and semantic research done for a Google AdWords campaign put together for the company.
  2. Use of Blunk products related to the “main news event” allowed broadening of the keywords used in the body text. Links to both product page and home page were included.
  3. A solid well defined theme and news story ran through the release.
  4. Quote from Fortune 500 company.
  5. Distribution through wire service, and online news services such as Google and Yahoo. Copies of press release sent to information portals for the embedded systems market.

Click here to read the press release >>Blunk Press Release