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"Online Strategies for Offline Businesses"

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From the desk of John Deck

This CD is a video copy of the PowerPoint presentation I gave at the November meeting of the Sacramento Chapter of the Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle.

Online Strategies for Offline Businesses Presentation CDIn this presentation you will discover the 11 common mistakes that offline businesses make with their online efforts.

Discover how to use the Internet to anchor and grow your business, get close to your customers and get them to call you, and generate more business and revenue starting today.  

To see a short 2 minute clip from the first part of the presentation click on the arrow control below. The copy that comes on the CD is good quality and much larger viewing size.

Some of the hot techniques and tips covered in the presentation:

How your web site can DOMINATE your market for local searches and strategies.
Proven strategies on how to be the top dog for the long haul.
What are the search engines looking for in a site? It can make a critical difference.
Cost effective strategies to build and grow your business.
Put the power of local business directories to work for you.
The biggest mistake offline businesses make with their web site.
How you brand yourself as the local expert.
How to get potential customers to raise their hand and ask you to communicate with them.
How to properly communicate with your prospects with out calling them on the phone.
How to do the above automatically!
A simple but powerful technique to identify buyers from info seekers.
And much much more!

I found John's presentation "Online Strategies for Offline Businesses" to be of great benefit for me.
It provided actions that I can do immediately to improve my business and website. John provides a wealth of practical information in utilizing my website in getting and keeping customers.

Dana McKnight Flentroy, M.S.W. 

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a fantastic meeting and presentation (Online Strategies for Offline Businesses).
I learned a lot and appreciate the value of a 'seasoned expert'.

Michael Alvarez, Technology Consultant, Automation Elite

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John Deck

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PS. As a bonus, included with the CD is an mp3 file of the audio portion of the presentation for easy listening on the way to work.

** Why the investment of $9.97? The $9.97 is about what the total cost is for CD duplication, shipping, handling and applicable taxes.

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